About Onkk

ONKK Limited

ONKK Limited was set up by Horologist Paul Beckett in 2015 who is incredibly passionate about music. The drive to accurately reproduce art as the musicians intended is only possible via the medium of vinyl.

The company is based in equal measure on innovative engineering principles, contemporary aesthetic design and the ability to reproduce music exactly as it was recorded.

ONKK is unashamedly proud of its roots in contemporary design and that the sophistication of its products is hidden inside a form to covet. The avoidance of rectilinearity is deliberate and has been established simply because it sounds fundamentally better. This is due to the internal reflection and perpetuation of complex waves of vibration that are deleterious in square corners.

The company has a long term focus, having tooled all the manufactured components and developed proprietary motion control and slot-less direct drive system. These steps have been taken to perfect the science of reproduction. Avoiding the typical pitfalls of most record reproduction by developing a system that has virtually zero slotting torque exponentially increases the potential and delivered resolution of the replayed music.


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