Onkk Cue DD Turntable

Onkk Cue DD Turntable

Cue is the flagship product of ONKK Limited UK. It utilises Propriety precision DSP speed control of the custom direct drive motor, a unique resonance damped cast Aluminium Plinth, Pistonic Suspension System and Silent Wear-less Ceramic Bearing, creating a product to covet, intended to last for generations.

Cue is the culmination of 5 years product development producing a turntable which can reproduce the exact musical event that the artist(s) recorded, in your home.

User configuration of all three speeds 33,45 or 78 optimised for specific labels or preference. The ability to run the motor drive as open or closed loop operation and customer adjustable motor torque, all via the sophisticated User Interface.

Adjustment of the speed in 1/100 of an RPM that can then be saved to memory then recalled at the touch of a single button. The User Interface is simple, ergonomic and intuitive, hiding the sophistication of the processing.

A unique and innovative Pistonic suspension system isolates the turntable from its environment delivering the quiet black background necessary for perfect vinyl reproduction.

Wear-less ceramic bearings create a silent system that will last for generations. This bearing material allows a minute point contact significantly reducing drag factors so that instantaneous response of the motor to speed changes due to large crescendos that may slow the vinyl are sensed and adjusted in milliseconds.

Beautifully designed and cast in Aluminium the turntable is intended to be the centre of any contemporary interior.

Innovative engineering, Bleeding edge design and contemporary aesthetics fuse in a product that truly delivers Master-tape  vinyl reproduction of the analogue sound in a package that deserves to be the centre of attention in the most sophisticated homes.

5 Year Parts Guarantee

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